Troubleshooting a Sanyo Television

Sanyo was founded in post-war Japan, and today ranks among the best-known television manufacturers in the world. It has kept up with changing times and offers flat-screen LCD and plasma televisions to consumers in the new millennium. With so many features on new Sanyo TVs, it pays to be savvy about basic troubleshooting steps. They can correct a number of common problems very quickly, sparing you the time and expense of calling in a repairman.

Reset Key

The reset button on many Sanyo TVs exists to automatically return the TV to its factory settings. That can correct problems with the picture, sound issues, problems with the sleep timer and difficulties in viewing specific channels, among other things. Simply press the Reset key on the remote control; some Sanyo TVs only require you to press it once, while others require you to press it two or more times. Once you do, the TV's memory is erased. You'll need to perform a channel search (simply turn on the TV and follow the instructions onscreen) in order to watch TV again, but the issue will likely be gone.

Picture Adjustment

If you're having picture issues and the source isn't outside of the TV (such as antenna reception or cables improperly connected), you can look for two specific areas for help. The first is the Picture menu, located by pressing the Menu key on the remote, manoeuvring down the list of options with the up and down arrow keys, then pressing the Enter key once you have highlighted "Picture/Sound." From there you can set the image to Auto--which uses an all-purpose picture setting suitable for any environment --or set it to Manual and adjust the tint, brightness and colour to your personal specifications. Press the Enter key when you're done to set any changes you have made.

Alternately, if the image looks as if it's been cut off or the people onscreen are distorted, you probably have the Sanyo TV set to the wrong aspect ratio. Repeatedly press the Pix Shape key on the remote control to see how the image will look with a different ratio, then stop when you reach a ratio that fits the image best.

Warning Lights

Many Sanyo TVs possess warning lights on their front panel to let you know when there are internal problems. If the warning light is flashing red, it means that some component of the TV is in danger of overheating. Turn it off, check any vents in the TV to make sure they're uncovered, and allow the television to cool down for 30 minutes before turning it back on again. If the red light is steady, unplug the TV and wait a few minutes before plugging it in again. If that doesn't fix the problem, call a repairman.

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