Otex ear drops instructions


If you have a build-up of wax in your ears, you may begin having problems hearing. The problem can easily be solved by using Otex ear drops. Otex ear drops work to soften the wax break it into small pieces so that it can easily be removed from the ear. It is important that you use the ear drops as instructed.

Getting Ready

Before you begin you need to have everything ready so that there is no mess. Get out the Otex ear drops first. Turn the cap counter clockwise so that the cap will open. Set the ear drops on the table. You will also need a small basin, a bulb syringe and a towel.


Tilt your head so that the ear with the wax in it is facing up. Squeeze five drops of the Otex ear solution into your ear. Wait three to four minutes and then bring your head back up again. Make sure you have a towel handy because some of the ear drops may run back out. Repeat this once per day for three to four days. If you have a large amount of wax build-up, you may want to apply the drops twice per day.

Tip: Always wash your hands before and after you apply the Otex ear drops to your ear canal.

Rinsing Out the Ear

On the third or fourth day you should rinse the wax out. The drops have now softened the wax. Fill a bulb syringe with lukewarm water. Slowly squirt it into your ear canal while holding a basin under the ear. The water will wash the wax right out into the basin. Dry your ear with the towel. Repeat a second time if you feel that you still have wax left in your ear.

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