The best way to hang wooden letters on a wall

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Wooden letters hung on walls add personalisation and provide a focal point in a design theme. There are many different approaches to hanging these, however, the best way to hang wooden letters on a wall varies by personal preference, design theme and the size and weight of the wooden letters used.

Hanging methods

The best way to hang wooden letters on the wall is to attach metal frame mounts onto the back of each letter. Measure to find the centre point of each letter and place the bracket over the marks, while keeping the bracket level. This ensures the letters hang correctly on the wall. Attach the brackets to the letters using small hanging nails that are short enough so they do not puncture through the face of the letter. Mount them directly onto the wall. For heavier wooden letters, consider using wall anchors or self-tapping screw holders. Both of these methods help support the weight of the sturdier nails or screws needed for heavier objects. Also, consider hanging heavier wooden letters on the wall by locating and driving screws or nails directly into the studs within the wall. Wire and wire hooks are popular and perhaps the most forgiving. Attach the hooks to both sides of the back of the letter directly across from each other, then tie the wire to the hooks and mount the whole piece directly to a nail or screw in the wall. To prevent the letters from sloping outward at the top, keep the wire length as short as possible. Hardware stores carry wire and hooks of different strengths to support various weighted materials.

Nondamaging methods

For those who rent and are looking for ways to hang wooden letters on the wall without leaving holes, consider using heavy duty double-stick tape or fabric fastener designed strictly for hanging pictures or letters without damaging the plasterboard. There are also S-shaped picture frame hooks that slide snugly behind the moulding on the wall. Attach wire to the hooks, then hang the letters from the wire via hanging brackets on the back of the letter. Sticky tack can work to hang lightweight objects on the wall. Pull downward to release the wooden letters from the wall to avoid leaving any damaging holes.

Add decorative flare

Aside from directly attaching brackets to the letters and mounting them on the wall, consider different materials to add certain decorative touches. Instead of hanging pictures with wire, use colourful ribbons or shoestrings that match your design decor You can also use chains and beads for hanging wooden letters on the wall and provide visual contrast to the wooden material of the letters. Building wooden frames around each letter produces a refined and finished approach. To create a distinctive look, consider hanging wooden letters on the wall in various arrangements, including hanging the letters horizontally, vertically or in a wavelike pattern.