Nurse cover letter examples

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Always include a cover letter whenever you submit a resume for a prospective nursing job. Address the letter to the appropriate person or department. Begin the cover letter with a brief, yet dynamic introduction to help yourself stand out from other applicants.

Identify the position, such as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner or nursing assistant that you are seeking and mention how you became aware of the position, such as if your nursing school career services informed you.


Discuss your background and highlight relevant experience. If you are applying for a medical surgical nurse position, then explain how you meet all of the qualifications. Even though nursing is a strong industry that employs many people, the job market is still competitive. Carefully prepare your cover letter by researching the company, describing how you will contribute to the organisation and distinguishing your accomplishments. For example, if you have worked as a certified nursing assistant, describe your patient care experience.


Current students can use a cover letter to help obtain an internship or employment. Although you may not have a lot of nursing experience, discuss important classes, skills that you have mastered and externships or clinical work. For instance, describe how you spent four weeks at a clinic and routinely helped with morning intake as well as the recording of patients' blood pressure and pulse. If you are applying for an out-of-town position, then in your closing paragraph, include how you can be reached and state that you will be in the area during the week of particular month and that you would be interested in scheduling a meeting.


The cover letter provides a great opportunity to elaborate about your resume, skills and qualifications. Use a thesaurus instead of copying past employment descriptions on your resume verbatim. Remember to proofread and review your cover letter before submitting it. Also include your current contact information, like your mailing address, phone number and e-mail. If you are submitting a cover letter based on an online ad, then consider disclosing your city, state and Postcode instead of complete address to help secure your identity.