The best time to paint the outside of a house

House painting is best done during a prolonged period of dry weather, so that the wood is perfectly dry before you begin painting and also so that there is ample time for the paint to dry after you are finished painting. This involves knowing the short and long-term weather patterns in the place where you live. Check the seven-day weather forecast and the overall year-round weather patterns for your home region.

Keep Bare Wood Dry

When you are scraping wood down to its original skin, make sure you cover the bare wood with a coat of primer before any rainy weather arrives. Putting paint on top of wet wood will not make for a long-lasting paint job, so be sure to pick a prolonged stretch of dry weather to complete this task. Don't forget that you can scrape and prime small sections of your house at one time, which will help in completion of your task. If you do not get caught in an unexpected thunderstorm, be sure to let the wood dry out before you resume painting.

Warm Nights

Paint takes 24 hours to dry (longer if it is oil-based) so avoid painting if the nightime temperatures are going to be very cold. Most exterior paints need to be above freezing temperature for sure and usually 7.22 degrees C or more for a period of 24 hours to dry properly. Check both the manufacturer's requirements and the weather forecast to see if the paint will have warm enough night temperatures for drying.

Oil Versus Latex

Latex is quicker drying than oil paint, but many homeowners prefer the durability and extra shine that an oil paint delivers. Keep in mind that oil paint takes longer to dry and requires warmer minimum temperatures. On the side of the scale oil paint is slower to blister when applied in conditions that too hot or too sunny.

Too Hot?

Be selective when painting in direct sunlight. If a particular surface seems to be exposed to an extreme amount of afternoon sun, then maybe you should paint that place in the early morning, so the paint will be at least partially dry when the afternoon sun hits the wall - or, when painting a part of the house that receives a lot of direct sunlight, you might want to consider painting on an overcast day.

The Rainy Season

Know the overall weather pattern for the place where you live, so as to avoid painting just a few days before the seasonal rains arrive. A prolonged period of rain can bring havoc to a halfway painted house, so try to avoid this scenario, if possible.

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