Treatments for Cough Syncope

vasovagal syncope

Cough syncope can become a very serious problem, and while there are no clear cut cures, there are plenty of treatments available to suppress the cough so syncope is not an issue. Many treatments can be prepared at home and do not need the help of any pharmacological products.

Herbal Tea

herbal tea

Herbal tea has been used for centuries by the Chinese culture to cure and prevent many different types of medical conditions. It can be used to help digestive problems, treat flu symptoms, and, of course, subdue a bad cough. The antioxidants and healing enzymes found within the tea bond with your throat and air passages, soothing and fixing the damages done by coughing. There are many different types of herbal teas out there, and many of them will do a great job at treating a cough, even a cough bad enough to cause syncope, which is a temporary loss of consciousness. Many naturalists and herbal tea experts believe that black tea and chamomile tea are the best to use while suffering from a cough. To prepare properly, pour hot water into a heat resistant mug along with your tea of choice. Allow the tea to steep for one minute and add in a splash of lemon juice. Mix in a tablespoon of honey. The lemon juice catalyses the tea leaves, releasing the healing enzymes while the honey helps lubricate the throat. Drink the tea slowly and your cough should melt away.

Milk and Honey


Milk and honey are two great ingredients to fight off a bad cough and when mixed together become a heavy duty cough battling concoction. Heat up a cup of milk either in the microwave or via the hob. Add a tablespoon of honey to the milk and mix thoroughly until it dissolves all the way. Before bed, drink the milk mixture to help relieve your cough and also help you go to sleep. The milk's natural mucus added with the honey lubricates the throat better than most pharmacological products do.

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