Decorating Ideas for Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors make excellent decorating pieces.

You don't have to settle for lifeless and dull wall mirrors. Decorating wall mirrors can drastically change their appearance. You can use different decorating ideas to add a twist and complement the room. Decorative techniques make the mirror a focal point of the room, whether it stays functional or becomes purely an aesthetic piece.


Painting a mirror is an inexpensive way to add a frame-like look. Review the main colours in the room. To paint the mirror's edges, purchase complementary-colour acrylic paint. No primer or sanding is necessary. Use a straight edge and bevel to assure the edges and lines are straight while painting.

Stick-On Stencils

Purchase stick-on stencils that match the room's decorative theme. Clean the mirror. Place a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of each stencil. Attach to the mirror to the wall. Move the stencils around until you have them exactly as you want. Work with one stencil at a time; remove the double-sided tape and the backing and place on the predetermined spot.

Textured Items

Select textured items to match the room's decorating scheme. For example, seashells would work well for a beach or sea theme. Cedar chips would complement a rustic theme. Begin at the top right corner edge of the wall mirror. Place a small drop of hot glue using a glue gun. Attach the textured item. Hold textured item in place for two minutes for it to set. Continue around the entire edge of the wall mirror.

Tassels or Braided Rope

Select and purchase tassels or braided rope that matches the colour scheme of the room. Attach tassels to the corners of the mirror or along the top edge of the mirror. With the hot glue method used in for attaching textured items, attach the braided rope around the edge of the mirror to make a mirror frame.

Family Pictures

Display your family pictures in a way that allows for easy adjustment whenever you like. Print different sizes of family pictures. Use a hole puncher to make a small hole in the top, centre of the picture. Purchase suction cups with small hooks. Place the suction cups randomly on the mirror. If there are any damaged spots on the mirror, place the suction cups slightly above the marred area. Hang family photos onto the suction cups through the hole punched.

Self-Adhesive Jewel Stones

Use a hot glue gun to attach self-adhesive jewel stones on the mirror in a pattern of your choice. Decorate either only the corners of the mirror, or go around the edges, or place a large pattern in the centre of the mirror. If you like the mosaic look, use different sizes and cover the entire mirror.

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