Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Nothing dates a living room or family room than a '70s-looking fireplace. Dark brick and surrounding panelling or shelving draw attention to the age of the decor. There are several simple ways to make over that old fireplace and completely change the character of the room.

A fireplace makeover won't break your budget, either. All you need is an afternoon and some creativity to transform that old fireplace into a focal point of your room--one that will match your current decor.

Cost Effective

One cost effective way to update your fireplace is to paint the bricks with fireplace brick paint. The fireplace paint not only keeps the texture of your brick but adds a new look by updating the colour scheme. Choose a light, soft, modern colour to turn that dark brick fireplace into a focal point of your room.

If you have wood panelling or shelving surrounding your fireplace, consider painting that as well. Choose a light, soft, modern colour to match the decor of your room. No special paint is required and you will have a quick makeover that will enhance the fireplace and blend it into the decor of the room.


Another simple yet effective way to give your fireplace a quick makeover is to accessorise it by changing items on the mantle or adding a picture or large mirror over the mantle. A large framed mirror over the mantle will add depth to the room. A tall pair of candlesticks placed on the mantle will be elegant and useful on a cold winter's night. Rest a framed picture on the mantle or hang it above the mantle.

Display mementos that have meaning to you on the mantle--seashells from the coast, a small framed photo of someone you love, an antique vase; conversation pieces that have meaning and that are part of who you are add character to the room.

Fireplace Screen

One fairly easy way to makeover your fireplace is to change the fireplace screen or fireplace doors. If you don't have glass doors on your fireplace you might want to add them. There are many new styles of fireplace screens and doors to choose from. You might want to go from a traditional look to a more modern look, or from country to traditional. If you have a wood-burning fireplace then you can also purchase new fireplace tools to match your new screen or glass doors.

This is a little more costly than painting the bricks or accessorising but it is less expensive than replacing the brick or tearing out the mantle and replacing it entirely. Sometimes the simpler, less expensive makeover ideas are not only easy on the budget but just as creative and pleasing as the more expensive choices.