Care of Porcelain Tile Floor

Porcelain tile is one of the most expensive and fragile types of flooring that can be installed in your home. Though it may look elegant when you first have it installed, if you do not take proper care of the porcelain, the tile may chip, stain or break.

Fortunately, maintaining your porcelain tile is not all that difficult. Simply follow a few practical steps throughout the life of your floor.


Hard surface floors tend to accumulate dust and particulates very easily, so frequent sweeping is a must for keeping up your porcelain tile. Ideally, you should sweep your porcelain tile floor daily. Not only will this help keep your tile looking bright and new, but sweeping will also prevent large particulates from becoming ground into the grout, and potentially forming hairline fractures.


After you have swept all of the small particulates and dust off of your porcelain tile, clean any sticky or liquid stains with a mop. If there are no heavy stains on your floor, simply mop the floor with water, as this will remove superfluous stains and pick up any dirt. However, if you have moderate-to-heavy stains, mix one part bleach with ten parts of water and spray it on your floor prior to mopping. Special porcelain tile cleaners exist, but they're really not necessary, as regular household cleaners will get the job done just as well. Once you have sprayed your cleaner of choice on the porcelain floor, gently run the mop over the tile to pick up stains and clean the floor. Mop on a weekly basis.


Seal your porcelain tile floor about once a year to protect the grout from stains and reinforce the overall quality of the tile. Use a speciality sealant, which you can purchase from a grocery or hardware store. Make sure the tile has been thoroughly cleaned, then spread the sealant evenly over the tile. Wait several hours for it to dry. Once finished, your porcelain tile will look very shiny, and you'll notice a protective barrier over the tile's grout.