Simple & Easy Homemade Wedding Cakes

Everyone wants a fantastically beautiful wedding, but prices are totally outrageous these days. More and more people are looking for ways to cut costs. If you have a professional pastry chef in the family, you could ask him to make your wedding cake.

However, even an amateur cake decorator can create a simple but lovely homemade wedding cake.

Cake Type

Once you have a person in place to make your wedding cake, even if it's you, your first step should be deciding what the actual cake will be: chocolate, white, yellow or something more exotic. Try out recipes and have tasting parties where you can get opinions from your family, friends and/or wedding party. Of course ultimately, you should choose the cake that is the bride and groom's favourite.

For a really easy but special cake consider starting with a cake mix (see the resources below for recipes). You might choose a White Almond Cake (with almond extract and sour cream with a white cake mix) or a Hawaiian Wedding Cake (with pineapple, cream cheese and coconut added to a yellow cake mix).

Cake Filling and Frosting

A butter cream frosting is the perfect choice for a simple and easy homemade wedding cake. It's easy to make and always taste wonderful. It is acceptable to use the same frosting for your cake filling as for the outside icing, if you like. However, there are other easy choices for the filling. If you want, you can add different fillings to your cake tasting parties, to decide on the perfect one for your wedding.

The simplest of homemade wedding cakes can be raised to a level of magnificence with a delectable filling such as Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake or Whipped Lemon Mousse (see resources below for recipes).

Cake Constructions

Bake three different sized round cakes, a 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch. Larger pans are available through the Internet or at some craft stores for a larger cake. After baking the cakes, remove each cake from its pan and allow it to cool. Work on the largest (bottom layer) first. Place it on the cake base (plate, platter or covered cardboard). Using a serrated knife, cut across the top of the cake to make it flat. Cut the cake in half, lengthwise, and spread filling on the bottom half. Replace the top half of the cake layer.

Cut three plastic straws, the height of the bottom cake layer, plus ½ inch. Place them through the bottom layer, in a triangular shape, 4 inches from the edge.

Repeat the same process of frosting and filling the middle layer and top layer as you did the bottom layer. Place the middle layer on top of the bottom (largest) layer, centred. The straws will poke into the middle layer, anchoring it. Place three cut straws into the top of the second layer, 4 inches from the edge. Repeat the process, except the straws, with the final (top) wedding cake layer.

Cake Decoration

If cake piping (decorative frosting edging) is a skill you are practised in, do so around the cake edges. However, two very elegant and simple decorations are fresh flowers or fresh fruit arranged on each layer of the homemade wedding cake. Finish your cake with a traditional bride and groom cake topper or try something more contemporary, such as a monogrammed topper.