Ideas of Things to Make From Reused Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are used frequently by warehouses to help them ship and store their products. After a warehouse is done with these wooden pallets they often throw them out, or sometimes the customer ends up with the wooden pallet that came with a shipment.

There are many ways to repurpose these pallets if you are looking for free material with which to build a project.

Compost Bin

You can recycle old wooden pallets by making a compost bin that will allow you to recycle your food scraps in rich soil. This project will allow you to save on trash collection costs and on soil, all while doing something wonderful for the planet.


While this project isn't for someone entirely new to DIY, it can be done easily by someone with a little carpentry experience. Once a wooden shed is constructed, it can be used to store lawn equipment, shelter outdoor pets from the weather, or even serve as a playhouse for your children.


Palatable Woodworking offers instructions for many different projects that you can create from old wooden pallets. There are several different kinds of tables, a chest of drawers, and even a workbench. Follow the directions they provide, or use them for inspiration for your own furniture project.


Pallet Project is a whole blog dedicated to things created from pallets. Among them are several different pieces of art, including pallets that have been stacked and painted, pallets that have been deconstructed and made into something else, and pallets that have been added to to make a unique piece of art. If you have an empty space that needs a piece of art, then consider creating a unique piece with your wooden pallets.