Hi, my name is Chantelle Tarride, and I'm a professional makeup artist. Today, we're going to show you how to do step-by-step eye makeup styles. In particular, we're going to be doing the cat eye. It's a very popular trend now among the girls, and honestly, it's a look that I think looks great on every kind of eye. So, the first thing you want to take is a flat angled brush. And, you also take a paint pot of black eyeliner. With this, you'll go directly into your paint pot. Start off with a light hand, not to pick up too much color at first, because this is more of a gel base liner. I find this is a lot easier to do than liquid liner, because you have more control and more precision, especially with this kind of brush. My technique that I use, is I take the angle of the brush, and the tip of the angle will be pointing downward towards the eye. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to mark the eye of where I actually want it to start. So, beginning with this eye, close. I'm actually going to go around her. This does take a very light hand, a very steady hand, and I'm going to start brushing upwards in the angle and the length of this cat eye that I want to create. So, now that I find that I'm okay with that, go on to the other side. Same thing, dab into the paint pot. Sometimes, if you find the paint may have got too thick, I'm going to want to just kind of squeeze that brush down to make it really thin. And, I'm going to have her - I'm going to actually be looking now at the eye itself. It's something that you want to do in the mirror. Look at where this point begins and where the point ends, and try to do the same thing for the other eye. Okay, so, now you see you have two lines that, for the most part, are even. You can always fix it at the end. And now, you're going to create and fill in the rest, starting with this eye. Close. I'm going to actually bring down this line, and create that filler. Turn your head this way. So, I'm meeting with it. If you want to start by kind of stippling that brush in too so you don't create too thick of a line, you can do that, and just drag that line down, and start filling it in. And, I'm just going to fill in, and bring in that line. The thinner I go this way is because I want that to be a very - going from a thin to thick, and then point on wisp at the end. And, I'm just going to dab a very thin line over here. You have to pick up more of the liner fluid, pick that up. Go in with a very thin line near the tear duct, connect it with the rest of that line. Close. Okay, once you fill that in, make sure not to leave any spaces between the lash line and the lid. Fill in any flesh that you see. And, go on to the next eye, and do the exact same thing. Now, after you've created that cat look, now the last and final thing that you want to do is take now a liquid liner. Because you already made the actual look with a brush, now it's going to be a lot easier to really perfect that finishing touch, and give it a very dramatic, bold, flat black look by applying a top coat of your liquid liner. This is a really nice one because this particular tip. Try to find a tip that's a stiff tip, make application a lot easier. And, I'm simply going to apply, and just kind of dab this liquid fluid right over the already created cat eye. It'll help me perfect that little wing. And, I'll do the same thing to the other eye. And, open. And, those are our step-by-step eye makeup tips. This has been Chantelle Tarride. Thank you for watching.