Hi, I'm David of Smartscapes, LLC here in Nashville, Tennessee, and today we're going to be going over landscaping in partially shaded areas. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do in partially shaded areas. Here as can probably tell it's a berm on the perimeter of the property blocking out the neighbors but we have a tree line behind us and some trees in the yard that's going to generate a little bit of shade. So we had to design our landscape around that. We can use several different mediums when we're doing it, we can use boulders, we can use perennials, we can use evergreen bushes or semi evergreen bushes like Viburnum in the back or we can use a deciduous, deciduous bush like the Hydrangea right here. So, combining these components into a shade type or semi shaded landscape can help you get several different, different feels and flavors to bring out a complete landscape. I'll show you a couple other examples. Here you'll find a couple other great solutions for semi shade landscaping. Understory trees that usually does really well in semi shaded areas. Take for example this Redbud, it was recently hurt in the storm but it gets a nice purple color and it's an understory tree so it should be under bigger trees and growing in more of a shady type environment. You also got stuff on this berm like the Weeping Privet in the back and I don't know if you can see the Azaleas we have planted over here in the front, it's early spring so they haven't started to bud yet but these are all prime examples of how you can utilize your shady space to where it work out well for ya. I'll show you all one more example and we'll wrap it up. And don't forget your container landscape, ferns I love them, it's, it's you always, you always win big with ferns, they're so easy to take care of and just kind of lush and beautiful. But you also have a world of annuals available to you that you can put in containers and keep underneath your porch or semi shaded area of your patio or wherever you want them and container landscaping is one great way to accent your hardscape, whether it's your patio driveway or whatever. So again, I'm David with Smartscapes, LLC here in Nashville, Tennessee. Come see us at: www.landscapesnashville.com.