Hi, my name's Ned Patton. I've been building or rebuilding every house I've ever owned, this is number six. Today, we're going to talk just a little bit about how you can remove old ceramic tiles. And, it's difficult to do, but we're going to talk about it a little bit if you really need to save them. Most of the time, you probably shouldn't bother. But, if you really need to save them, there's a couple of little tricks, and I'll talk about that a little bit, and demonstrate a little bit. Getting tiles off so that you can use them again is very difficult. This particular tile would be impossible. There's no way. It is so brittle. It's so brittle that it would - it's almost impossible to get it off. And, I'm also, I'm putting it on with, essentially, with concrete cement. And so, the tile would just break, there's no way you could save the tiles and reuse them. There's another material that is used. It's called Tile Mastic. And, for regular ceramic wall tiles, a lot of people will use it. You can't use it in a bathroom, because it's a little bit water soluble. You can use it for tiling a wall in a living room, or you can even use it for a backsplash as long as it's not near the sink. And, that material will actually allow you, if the tile is strong enough and not brittle, will actually allow you to get underneath the tile with something like this. You get underneath the tile, and you just, you peel away the mastic a little bit from behind the tile, and then just pry it off, and the whole tile comes off, if you're lucky. Usually, there's a lot of luck involved in getting tile off like that. If it's too old, it's not worth the trouble, yeah. And, if you don't like the tile, if you're replacing tile, say you got pink tile in a bathroom, just take a hammer to it. That's all, just take a hammer to it. And, it pop loose pretty easy. Beat it all off, get rid of it. There we go. Popped right out of there. And, okay, this goes in the trash. I hope you learned enough about how to do it. Good luck, they're hard to save.