Hi, my name is Joanna Cahill. I'm the owner of Healthy Home Cleaning. We're a green cleaning business based in Asheville, North Carolina, that specializes in the use of nontoxic cleaning products. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to remove highlighter stains from your carpet. Okay, so, today what we're going to need is Simple Green, or a concentrated cleaner. This one's great on carpet, it's nontoxic, it uses the cleaning power of lemons. I also have here, if this doesn't work, you got a really difficult stain, Can Dry, it's nontoxic, carbonated cleaner. Also, we're going to need a cleaning bottle, sold at most hardware stores. You're going to use one these measurement marks here for easy dilution. In the case of Simple Green, it's really economical, because we're going to be using one part Simple Green to 30 parts water. Don't worry too much about the measurements being exact. Basically, a little Simple Green, a lot of water. Okay, so, we'll go ahead and take our solution of Simple Green and water, we're going to spray it onto our highlighter stain. This is a popular one with those who have kids, because they just love decorating, and beige carpet's so boring, why not add some yellow or pinks? So, we're going to go ahead and blot that stain with our cloth here. And, I emphasize "blotting". We're not going to rub this stain, because if we're rubbing this stain, it's going to further cement it into the fibers of your carpet. You want to blot, because it's going to lift that stain onto your cloth. Okay. See that stain coming off on the cloth. We want to go ahead and continue this process of spraying with our Simple Green solution, and lifting. Okay. That's doing a great job on this stain, but if you find that it's not doing a great job, or you find that it's not going fast enough for you, you can go ahead and take this cleaner, which is specifically for carpets, nontoxic Can Dry, go ahead and spray it on here. It's a nice foam, there. And, you're going to want to do the same thing, you're going to want to repeat that blotting motion. You're not rubbing in, you're blotting. And, repeat that however many times is necessary until that stain lifts. And, it will lift out, and you'll have your beige carpet, nice, clean canvas ready for your kid to highlight all over again. This is Joanna with Healthy Home Cleaning, and I want to thank you for watching how to remove highlighter stains from your carpet.