Hi, I'm CarolAnn from Cyberworkouts.com, and I'm going to show you stability ball balance exercises. The first balance exercise that you can perform involves just sitting on the ball and elevating your feet off the floor. So, this is a good one to start with. So, come on down, have a seat on your stability ball, lean back and allow your heels and your calves to rest against the ball. Now remember, this is a balancing exercise, so you're going to be shifting around forward, back, sideways, so just find a focal point, focus on that point, and just really just work with this, and soon you will be able to keep your feet off the floor the entire time. And you can hold that position or balance anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute, just depends on how long you want to hold it. The next balance exercise that we can perform involves kneeling on the ball. So, we call this a four point balance. So, to get into this position, you want to rest your hands on the ball, put one shin up on the ball, and then bring the other one up when you're ready. So, you want to even out your body. So, you've got your shins on the ball, your hands on the ball, and you're just balancing, and again you're going to be moving all around and your body will adjust. We're really tapping into that core. Then, when you have the hang of this one, you're going to come up to a kneeling position. Now, the key here is to lock your feet on the ball. So, the tops of your feet will be in contact with the ball, and you're coming up onto your shins. And just focus, breathe, hold it for about 30 seconds to a minute, however you want to play around with this, and when you feel those quads burning, just gently come down and step off your ball. Those are some great stability ball balancing exercises. I'm CarolAnn for Cyberworkouts.com.