Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to talk to you about the ab roller. So, the ab roller is an amazing invention, fairly simple. This one is actually, it is an ab roller but it has kind of taken up a notice. This is actually the Mac Daddy Ab Roller. But I'm going to just show you how to do it with the hands. You can actually strap your feet in this one but I'm just going to do the regular ab roller. So, if you just get this thing, you bring it home, you've got your knees underneath your hips, send it out and pull it back in. Amazing, you can really send it out a lot further. This is kind of the easiest way I want you to start. Another way you could do it, same thing stay on your knees but maybe drive it out to the side. That's working obliques. So I'm sending it out. So, if I face you, driving it on one side and then the other. I'm feeling my obliques. So, let's say you're getting confident, you're getting strong, here's a great way to do it. On your feet. So, you've got this ab roller right here. I like my feet to be a little bit wider than hip distance, abs strong, take it out, pull it back in and do it again. This one is a smooth one. I feel my abdominals. I feel my back as well. That is pretty fantastic, challenging but it's a great way to really strengthen those abs. This is really an advanced machine but if you start on your knees, slowly build up the strength where you are able to stand up and do it and even not just stopping it here but sending it way out as you drop up your hips. Unbelievable, what this thing is going to do for your abdominals. You could just do this alone and get an amazing six pack, eight pack, whatever you are aiming for and that's how you do the ab roller.