Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a Registered, Licensed Dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida. You might be looking for some answers on how to eat after having lap band surgery. Well, initially, you'll go through a diet phase where they put you on clear liquid diets, and then slowly moving up to a full liquid diet; things more like soup-based and milk-based things, then, do a soft diet. Now, because you've just had lap band surgery, the volume of food you'll eat is significantly smaller than the amount of foods you were eating ahead of time. Sometimes, this may only be a couple of tablespoons at one time. That's a very, very small amount considering you may have been used to eating full meals ahead of time. You're going to want to probably be on some sort of vitamin and mineral supplement because you won't be taking in near the amount of foods to sustain your vitamin and mineral needs. And hopefully, hopefully, if you're really into getting the surgery or you've had it, you should be following closely with the dietitian regardless and he or she will be able to hopefully meet your needs more specifically to you. Now again, very very small portions. Also, watch your fluid amounts. If you drink too much fluid ahead of time before you eat, you may actually feel sick or nauseas and end up throwing that fluid up. Or then, maybe feeling too full and not able to get the nutrients you have from those little foods. So again, check with your dietitian. Also, start slowly. Try to avoid higher fat foods and higher spicy foods as they tend to disrupt the acid levels on our stomach and could cause you some heartburn or reflux which could be very sensitive and irritating feeling. So again, hopefully you'll have a dietitian following you to be more specific to your needs. You're going to be eating small amounts; so, try to make the nutrient dense, lower in fat, try to avoid the spiciness. Also, moderate your fluid needs and check into a nutritional supplement. It seems like a lot. There's a lot of good research out there; so, try to do a little homework if you're interested in this type of surgery. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.