Now I'll show you how to make some base leaves for the bottoms of our flowers. You want to start by cutting a circle. So, you can use a pattern or just cut a freehand circle. And then we're going to just cut some leaves like this, leaving the center uncut. And then this is good for putting on the bottom of our flowers. It gives it a little color, and it helps to hold the other pedals on the flower. So you want to make a fair amount of these. You can make them pointy, or you can make them more rounded, like this. So to make a base flower, you want to cut a circle, thinking about how much you want it to stick out from the bottom of the flower. And then, just make almost like a little flower shape in itself all the way around. And it doesn't matter if it's very precise or not, because it's going to go under the flower. You just want to be able to see a little bit of green sticking out from the flower.