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How to Replace Grips on a Golf Club

Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camus Meadows Golf Club in Camus, Washington. Today we're going to learn about how to change a grip on a golf club. And actually that should be done every year. Most people go way too long before they change their grips. A grip on a golf club and rubber is a lot like the tires. If it's not being used a lot or after awhile it starts to wear down and then you don't have the same feel, the same quality of the feel in your hands. So change your grips every year at least. If you play two or three times a week, probably should change your grips twice a year. The materials we need for this today are first of all, a golf club, with an old grip that we need to take off, a new grip, a draw knife, in order to cut the old grip off with, a scraping tool to get the old tape off because it's very important that you get your old tape off, grip solvent to put the new grip on with, and double back tape to hold it on, You need a vice to be able to hold the grip in place, and a catch basin to be able to catch the extra material that drips out of the grip. Well the first step is we're going to have to remove the old grip, the worn out grip. So we'll slice that down the side with a draw knife, all the way to the top. If the shaft happens to be graphite, you want to be very very careful about applying the, the blade in to the shaft. With steel you don't have to worry about it. Now we have the old tape that's on here. So that old tape needs to come off. There's a couple ways of doing it; you could use your draw knife and pull against it, and work that tape back like that. But we need to get it off there, because if you leave the old tape on and put the new tape on top of it, effectively you've changed the size of the grip. And grips come in sizes to fit your hand size. There's actually a great little tool for this, and you just run this tool down through there and it just, it's actually made for scraping the old tape off. So once we get that tape off there, and you've prepared your shaft, your shaft is ready for the new tape. So one we have the shaft prepared, now we're ready for the new tape. This is a tape dispenser. You can cut them. The thing here is to make sure you don't put the tape down the shaft further than the length of the grip is going to go. Otherwise, you have to trim that and it looks terrible in the end. So I actually have a machine that you pull out, it measures the length of the tape, slide it off. Now when we go to put the tape on, we want to leave about a half inch out over the end up here. So we lay the tape there, line it down and just turn it under, come around and seal that right there. Then on this end we want to kind of twist it and push it in. What that does, that's probably one of the most important parts of putting grips on, is it seals that shaft from water and stuff during the year. It doesn't get down inside your shaft and then make your shaft rust which would weaken your shaft. Next you're ready to apply the grip. The biggest problem that most people have with applying grips is they don't get this wet enough. They'll put a little bit of solvent on then they end up with the grip half way on, it won't go on any further and it won't come back off and you end up cutting off a brand new grip to start over. So I like to get my grips very very wet. So I take the solvent, kind of run it up, get it very wet; then I actually put solvent in the grip with my finger over the end. There's a hole in the end by the way. So I shake it a couple of times to make sure it's wet, then just lay that back on there also. It looks like a lot. Now I want to make sure my shaft is in the golf club so that the shaft, the head of the golf club is vertical so I can get the shaft on there straight. We start by getting it over the end, now you gotta go. And so I went very quickly as you noticed right there. If you go slowly, then you'll end up with a grip that's half way on. So once you start, you go and you go fairly fast. Now I just step back behind; I've got my blade of the club vertical so I just take my lines that are, all shafts, all grips have a little line on them, so then just line that up. Make sure when I push that in that that solvent pops out of that hole and then I usually pop it once make sure we're in there good and tight. This is Conan Elliott and that's how to replace grips on a golf club.

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