Hello, my name is Savago Lome. I'm an artist here in South Florida. Today I'm going to show you how to oil paint noses. First we start with your planning of the nose; maybe nostril, the tip of the nose and the sides. Different; I use my brush and start with the shadows. I put the shadow on the bottom of the nose like this and use more light color to put the shadow on the side and maybe around the nostril and go of the nozzle, like this. Next, we put the highlight on the front part of the nose. So just the highlight like this on the nostril. So it's really rough but we just make the first step, now of the painting. Now I'm going to fix the outlining; maybe we need just little somewhere the shape of the nose, the nostrils. Make the darker color or the shade inside of the nostril, like this. Now I'm going to use my blending brush to blend these colors. Put some dark color on the tip of the nose, like this and around the nostril; maybe one here. Put the color on the top of the nostril. And this is one of the ways to paint the nose. This is Savago Lome, thank you for watching.