Now that the hand trail slates, sanded and ready to go, blown off, I'm going to go ahead and make my own colorant. Now you can order colorants from many different places, whether it be an acid stain or some sort of poly stain. But I create my own out of water, polymer, some alcohol in color oxides, so I just create my own color. But you might want to make your life easier and just buy it. My colorant's made now, so I'm just going to use a regular garden sprayer to spray this on. And I do a nice, even coat. Sometimes I'll do a little puddling, that way the colorant sits longer there and it gives it an antique look, because I don't want a painted look. So it really makes it look like a natural stone. Right now I'm just duct taping the perimeter of the house, that way you know, I keep the colorant off the house and where I want it. I also have a pin that I put on my sprayer, so that I can put it right up to the duct tape. If you're just going to spray it without having that pin, you're going to want to put the paper up, paper and a masking tape, at least twelve inches. We're just going to do a poly-stain over the floor with creative mount poly-stain, and I create my own so that I get an antique look. Now I'm done putting on my color so I'm going to wait for it to dry up, we don't want any moisture in there. And then I'm going to go ahead and seal it up with a solvenated acrylic sealer.