Hello my name is Trevor, I work with Monster Pest Control. We are located in American Fork, Utah. Today we are talking about how to rid your home of insects. This topic is talking about how to rid your house naturally from ants. I'm going to try, do a mixture of vinegar and water. Vinegar, half vinegar, half water. And what you do is after you've mixed your vinegar and water together, you get a fine mist of your spray and you go around all your doorways and windows. And you spray up and down all around where they are trailing around all of the areas. Do this around all your doors and windows around your house including inside, if you need to do it inside the house where ever it might be. If you find the actual sight of the ants and their nest, you can take some boiling water and pour it directly into the nest. That will eliminate the colony. Another way of getting rid of ants naturally on the outside of your home or inside is by using chili powder. With the chili powder you put it where you find the ants. If you find a trail of ants that are coming into your house or by a window seal just pour a little bit of chili powder along the area that you find and they will basically they'll come to it, take it back to the nest and they'll die off.