All right so how you incorporate step by step solutions in algebra. And why do you do it? Hi, I'm Jimmy and we're here to answer those questions right now. The reason you want to go through the solution step by step whether it be in the back of the book if they give you that or to show in your work as your teacher might require you to do is because in math its all about the little things. One missed side, one dropped number unfortunately will cause the entire problem to be wrong. And so what you want to do is just follow each step as closely as possible that way you can see what you are doing and if you happen to make a mistake you can go back and correct every step. Take a look at this example here. You're being asked to for the expression of 3x squared plus 4x minus y to be able to plug in to where the x is and negative 1 where the y is. Now once you plug them in exactly as they should be take every little step as you can. It might seem a little tedious at the time but you'll thank yourselves for it later because you followed every step so that you won't have to make any mistakes. And with simplifying one of the most important things is to follow the order of operations. Now if you notice from this step to this step over here we took care of the exponents because exponents are pretty high up in the order of operations. After we do that we make sure that we understand to go with the multiplication because right after exponents is multiplication. And after you do the multiplication and any division is where the addition and subtraction becomes very important. Now when it comes to solving the equations with 7x minus 10 is equal to 11 when you're solving for variables its very important that you get the non related terms over to the other side. That's why we go from this step to this step. Move the 10 over and then afterwards isolate the variable by dividing by 7. But as you go from one step to the next you can see your streps carefully and retrace as necessary. So I'm Jimmy and that's how you do the algebra problems step by step.