My name is Staff Sgt. Hawkins. I'm a local Army recruiter in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today, I'm going to talk about U.S. Army Drill Sergeant pay. Drill Sergeants do not get paid anything differently, according to their E grade, and that is their enlisted grade, E-5, E-6, E-7, and we have a chart for that across the board. They do get extra pay, $450 a month, because they're on a special duty. You can volunteer to be a drill sergeant, or you can be DA selected, if you are a stellar soldier. If you're in the military, in the army, and you would like to volunteer to be a drill sergeant, you can have various channels to go through, and do that. Any other information you'd like to, concerning these different options, as far as drill sergeant is concerned, you can contact me at 487-8686. That's here in Salt Lake City, at area code 801. You can also go to the website, to learn more about being a drill sergeant, in the U.S. Army.