Hello, we're back, and the next stain that we're going to get out of carpet, is going to be crayon, so if you have any little Picasso's running around, and decide to use the carpet as a canvas, it's not that big of a deal. All you need to do, is just take a knife first of all, and you scrape off the excess wax, and basically, the method of removing crayon, is very similar to the candle wax, because it's both made out of the same material, just different thicknesses and consistencies, so after you do that, the same way as removing candle wax, you would want to put a brown paper bag, or other porous fiber down over it, and you would want to take an iron, and go over the area, picking up the wax, drawing it into the material. Now, after that, it should be gone, but sometimes if it's been sitting there awhile, or if it's had other traffic over it, it can collect other debris, other materials, that tend to set the stain more, so all you would want to do then, is apply a multipurpose cleaner to the area, and blot that up. Every time you blot, you're removing, you're pulling the stain a little bit more out of the carpet fibers, and then you would want to add a little bit of mild liquid detergent to the area, and blot. Then, you would want to flood the area with water, and blot again, always working your way outside in, to avoid spreading the stain. Blotting always, instead of rubbing. Rubbing will just spread the stain, and set it deeper into the carpet fibers. Then, you would want to go over it, a little bit of ammonia. Blot again, and then finally, flood it with water, and then the final blot, you would want to just apply pressure, pull out the rest of the stain, but primarily, this is just to dry the carpet, and as always, after you clean a stain on the carpet, you want to avoid walking on it, as long as possible, until it's completely dry, or vacuum the area, to help to dry it that much faster, and that's how you pull a stain out of carpet, that has a wax base, or a crayon base to it.