I'm Rokosz, your Digital Lifestyle Expert and I'm going to show you how to hook up your new HDTV. Okay the first thing you've got to do is not necessarily to grab the wires and start going, is to ask yourself questions. First is, how many inputs do I have on my television and what are they? Alright, what does that mean? Well, you've got an HDMI input, which is audio and video and a very high quality usually seen for satellite dishes, digital cable systems and or blueray DVD players. Now you also have Super Video, which is the second best or excuse me the second worst connection, I shouldn't call them best or worst, but the first worst connection or the least desirable is going to be your RCA connection which is going to look like this. We're talking about video now, video there and then you have your S video would be your next choice, then your component which is going to have all three of the different types of things, the RGB, as you can see right here. This is how we're hooking it up, this is the breakdown component input. Then your very best consumer hook up is going to be your HDMI, which is this one right over here. Let's take a closer look in the back. You're going to ask yourself, what we have available and where I want to hook it up? Now if you've got HDMI on both your cable systems and your DVD player, those are going to be your best choices over here. This one will be good to use if you've got, you don't have it and you want to go with the RGB separation in the back over here and then we also have another one on the side that we'll use to hook up, giving us five full things to use. Alright, now notice here on AV1 we have a choice of either using the RGB which are also called the PR, the PB and the Y input, or using the yellow RCAN. Because it's in the same box here, this is telling us we can only use one and not the other. So if you've got things down here, which is the back, you can't put them up front. That's only one input. If you've got more things than you have connectors for like I say they have a AV breakout box that you can use so that you can hook them altogether, use a decent quality cable but don't go ridiculous. If you spend ten grand on your monitor, maybe you can spend a few hundred dollars on wires, but if not, go with something middle of the road, like me Rokosz, Your Digital Lifestyle Expert saying "stream me next time."