Okay, I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to balance a washing machine tub. Now most of your modern washing machines are equipped with a motor that actually runs at a variable speed and possibly in variable directions. For instance with this particular model that's a front loading machine, so as it goes through its wash cycle and as it goes through its rinse cycle with the clothes that are in there the tub will actually rotate in opposite directions. Now part of this is to distribute the water and use less water and to rinse the clothes, but part of that process is it does it at different directions at different speeds to redistribute the clothing that's in there to have it balance out. So really with most of your modern washing appliances, a lot of that balancing takes place automatically. Now, the tubs on these washing machines come with little weights, counterweights that are attached to them to balance them out. So they're balanced at the factory. So if you do have a lot of banging and if it's happening a lot now it could be just with a particular load that you're doing, so if you're doing some heavy loads such as towels, such as a lot of jeans, occasionally you may have to go in there and they may get tangled up and clumped together. So you may have to go in there and physically break them apart and redistribute that load manually. And now if that's happening a lot of if you're hearing loud banging or clanking, you may have a weight that has come loose, or you may have a problem with the motor drive on that. In those cases you probably want to consult a professional repair service to have those problems looked at. So I'm Tim Gipson and that's some tips on balancing your washing machine.