I'm Dave Erb from Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Austin, Texas and I'm going to be talking about how to check and inflate tire pressure. Most manufacturers will include inside the door jam of a vehicle a sticker that will tell you what they want the proper inflation to be. Most cars are anywhere from 30 to 35 pounds front and rear. Sometimes it will vary from front and rear so be sure and check th decal. It will tell you exactly what you need. You want to go ahead and check your tires when they are cold. Now when you are driving down the road and get heat in your tires it will tend to expand the air inside the tires so I believe this is a cold check and a cold fill. So a lot of people will pull into a gas station and they will see this type at a quarter machine where you put quarters in to fill the air pressure so I'll star with that one. You would imagine you are at a gas station and you put your quarters in and you hear the pump pumping, you'd unscrew your cap off your tire valve stem and you would push this on. You'll see that this piece here sticks out and it has got a measuring stick on it that tells you how many pounds and this one has about 32 in it. The manufacturer is recommending right about 30 so that's fine but if we did have to put some in there all you would do is squeeze the handle and let off and you can see the pressure rise until you get to the pressure that you desire. The other way is if you have got your own compressor or pump, you've got your gage and once again you stick it on the valve. It will tell you how much pressure you have in. If you need to release some there is a little post on the back that you can then push in the valve to get it down to pressure because sometimes that is what needs to be done if it is overinflated. You just would let it down until you get down to proper level or you would inflate it back up until you get up to where you want to be. Be sure and check your tires often and keeping good pressure on them will also make it last longer. That's how you check and fill tire pressure.