Hey guys, today we're going to talk about how much the DJs get paid. It's a very elusive subject 'cause in most cases, DJs don't want to actually tell you what they're getting paid because they don't want you go to the same club and underbid them for work. But I'll tell you, it varies enormously. You’ve got everything from basic DJs that do house parties, bar mitzvahs and weddings, who get a standard rate for their parties. You got DJs who are doing corporate events with hotels that are getting a standard rate by the hour of maybe a hundred an hour, and then you've got very professional DJs that are in demand and touring all over the country, and they're getting upwards of fifteen to twenty grand a night for their performances. The standard for a basic entry-level DJ in the working market is about a hundred dollars an hour. So say for a four hour party, you're going to pull in about four hundred bucks. If you've got to bring a sound system and you've got to rent speakers and rent sound systems to go along with it, you charge your client accordingly. So a four hundred dollar gig could turn into a six hundred dollar gig easily, and that's what DJs get paid.