Hi, I'm Tim Gipson, I'm going to talk to you about kitchen worktops. Now kitchen worktops are just another name for a kitchen countertop, it just depends on what you're used to calling them. As you can see here, these existing countertops here are a laminate. This is your most basic countertop, they're very durable, stain resistant and as far as the amount of money to invest in them, you can get a - you can achieve a nice look available and a variety of colors and tones and so in a very cost-effective way you can get a very durable long lasting countertop. From there a lot - we go to solid surfaces which are becoming extremely popular as far as adding much more value and a nicer look to your kitchens. And for the solid surface worktops you have several options. You have a Corian, you have granite, and something that is becoming extremely popular are the solid surface quartz surfaces. And the nice thing about the quartz is that they're a sealed surface, the quartz is sealed within the resin for the countertop and it's available in a myriad of finishes, so you can have something that looks like marble, you can have something that looks like granite, you can have something that looks like a sandstone, so you can get a lot of varied look, but the nice thing about the quartz is it gives you a low maintenance or virtually maintenance free surface like your laminate countertops, it gives you a countertop that has all the benefits of a solid surface but yet the only thing you've got to do is wipe down and keep it clean. Unlike granite, if you go with granite, about least once a year at the very least it has to be thoroughly cleaned and resealed to maintain its look because granite is a very, very porous countertop substance. So I'm Tim Gipson with some information on kitchen worktops.