Now I am going to perform the actual electrology. I am going to get my magnifiers on in which I am working with I find. Let me see it is, this is a 5 zone. And I am going to put Pam where I need her to go. Because I need to work at the angle that the hair is at. So now I am going to slide the hair down the follicle. And we go, I don't want to poke because if I am poking and stabbing her I am going to injure the skin I am going to make uncomfortable and I am not doing the work correctly. Now I have to slide this hair exactly the length that is you know it is deep. If I go too deep, say for example, I am going to just go by the target and I am not achieve the goal correctly. Now, I am sliding down the hair follicle. Now when I have adequate treatment the hair just slides right out. And you can see by looking at this hair how deep it is. So I was not going quite deep enough. So now I measure that gives me good concept as I continue how much is enough. So I drape that and then I'll continue. So, normally when I am working with a client I am going quite quickly. You know I get I figure this out quite quickly and away I go. And I accomplish a lot quite readily. You know because the client is going to want to see, I call some action. She is going to want to look at. If she does not see a lot of hair removed, she is not going come back and see me if she does not see results too.