Hi, I'm Dr. Larry Klein, I'm a dentist here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today we're going to be talking about what it takes to become a dental technician. Dental technician is actually one of the guys behind the scene that helps make the teeth, helps make dentures, help makes crowns and bridges and partials, and once again, is really involved with using hands, and like them to be very artistic. It takes a lot of skill and dexterity, and in order to, to develop this, there is a education program, and you just need to check your dental association locally, find out which schools, usually a vocational school will provide this. Usually it's a two year program, and that will give you the basics for that. There's also different labs that you can go to just be an apprentice, and also to learn a little bit about it to see if you're interested. If you really get good at it, there's also the fact that you can go an become a certified dental technician, or CDT, and those are the ones that have had extra training, and basically help in some of the more difficult cases, and work with the more experienced and technically difficult dentists. If you have any other questions about what it takes to become a dental technician, just, you can give me a call. I'm Dr. Larry Klein here in St. Petersburg, Florida, where a smile is contagious.