Hi I'm Stan DeFrietas, Mr. Green Thumb. Okay you've got a tall rose bush, maybe it's taller than this one even. If you get a real tall rose bush,and most of them will get that way eventually, you need to go in and find a spot on the plant, and trim it back. Take off the long tall stems, and when you get some of these longer stems, you can either probably throw them away, but maybe enjoy the flower or you can think about taking a cutting. But trim back those tall rose bushes, back usually about one third to usually no more than one half. Now I know there are guys out there who like to trim there rose bushes way back to a nubbins. But remember it's pretty tough on a plant if you take all the foliage off, it has very little photosynthetic factory. It doesn't have much of a foliage, without the foliage you are not producing enough energy, and the plant slowly starts to go on a, well a decline. So one third to one half of a tall rose bush, make a nice clean cut, normally about right at a bud. Maybe a forty-five degree angle, so the water will run off of that cut. And trim it on a regular basis during the growing season. For askmrgreenthumb.com, I'm Stan DeFrietas.