Hello, my name is Gabriela Garzon at G.G. Image and Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to talk about how to I measure my hips. First you have to realize what type of body what type of silhouette you have meaning the frame. It doesn't matter how many pounds you have more or less than usual but you always most of the time keep the same frame or silhouette you know bigger portion or smaller portions. So, first you have to know where your waist is. Your natural waist should be where your belly button is which is the naval right here. After you know that, you either go to the side or you stay in the middle but you go to the side and you're going to measure the higher hip which is four to five inches below your natural waist then your low hip will be eight to nine. So, if you see the silhouette right here, you see that my hand is right on number eight. So, that's the low hip and then in the four you have the high hip which is basically what suppose to be round after your natural waist. Once you know that you should be able to know what's your proportion from your hips to your shoulders and then your waist and you have you know more defined waist or not so defined and it's just easier for you to go ahead and know what type of body you have in order to find the right clothing for your type of body. Once again this is Gabriela Garzon at G.G. Image and Etiquette Consulting.