Hi, I'm Donna Barnes. I'm a life and dating coach, the owner of NY Dating Coach, here in New York City. In this clip, we'll talk about types of flirting signals. Well, the biggest one is eye contact. If someone's making eye contact with you and they're not looking away, that's a big flirtation signal. But, if someone's touching your arm and like, laughing really hard at your jokes and touching you in any way, that's a flirting signal. For women, if they start kind of playing with their hair and getting a little bit self conscious, that means they want you to notice or because they're hoping that you're noticing, and then all of a sudden they're worried about what they look like. So that means they're probably flirting with you, and for a guy, usually he tries to show off a little bit. He wants to look like the man to you, so if you like him, let him do that. Encourage him a little bit, feed his ego, and let him show off to you, and let him be proud of who he is and show him that you're interested. This is Donna Barnes, from New York City.