I'm Bill Elzey with Show Place Lawns. How to get rid of bees. My next question is why would you want to. Bees are a beneficial insect. That's right, beneficial. That is the difference in a lot of insects and other problems. Some of them are beneficial some of them aren't. The key is to recognize what is beneficial and which ones aren't. Bees are very beneficial. Bees are what pollinate our flowers and our blooms on our plants. Without them nothing would probably bloom. We need the bees for that. And lets not forget that bees also make honey. And there's a variety of different honeys, you could even use honey in place of sugar in some applications. So from that standpoint bees are a beneficial insect. However I can understand that you still would like to get rid of them so there are certain plants that do attract bees. Lantana, roses, coriopsis, yarrow, and those are the four there's other ones but those four especially attract the bees. So if you are wanting to stay away from them, just do not plant these plants. But when you see one, just remain calm, because they are not going to bother you. They have coexisted with purple martins and other birds and other animals they are not going to bother a person. So as I say it's a beneficial insect you really don't need to be getting rid of them. But one way to avoid maybe having them is to stay away from Lantana, roses, yarrow and coriopsis plants.