This is Bear. He's a miniature schnauzer. When considering how to select a miniature schnauzer for yourself you want to take into consideration the breed temperament, the breed characteristics physically and the temperament. As you can see, Bear probably weighs about twenty-five or thirty pounds. Grooming is an issue with schnauzers. They do need to be groomed on a regular basis, and Bear is cut in a very easy clip, so that it's possible to make your life easier, and not have a lot of brushing to do. There are actually three different sizes of schnauzer. Bear is a miniature. They are the most common and the most popular, but there are also giant schnauzers who weigh typically about sixty or more pounds, and the standard schnauzer which is the size in between. Their general breed characteristic is playful and affectionate. They can be a good watchdog, which translates to there could be some barking. It's always a good idea to spend some time with somebody else who has and appreciates the breed of dog you're interested in purchasing, and read up more about their characteristics. Make sure they're a good fit for your family now and into the future. Schnauzers could easily expect to live to be fifteen or more years old so it's a long-term commitment to make. And when you go out to purchase a dog know what you're looking for. Work with a reputable breeder; somebody who breeds on a small scale which means that the dog would be more expensive, but generally, hopefully bred to be more healthy and have a better temperament, or consider working with a reputable rescue.