Hi, this is Dan today we are continuing the demonstration for expertvillage.com. I'm going to show you one of the common mistakes that is made by painters and homeowners alike. That is when you are painting your wall you do not pick up your roller. You just go back and forth and just kind of get on top and down to the bottom. Now if you were to look at this wall closely you are going to see a lot of lines in your finish. You have a line here, you have a line here, here, you can see where it angles where you have the textured from the roller cover going down one station. Another side is going up, you are not getting consistent coverage. This is because you are moving your roller around on the wall. If you just ensure that you go straight up and down, 4 inches apart you don't have to apply a lot of pressure. You just need to let the roller free, wait take care of applying the paint.