SUE: Hi. My name is Sue. I'm with Georgia Career Institute on behalf of Expert Village, and we're going to talk about freehand nail art today. And now I'm going to show you how to do a music note. This one? I always use a teardrop. Make sure the polish is thick at the end. And then you make a straight line...and then a tip. Or if you wanted to do the music note with the two lines...bring that down and then another teardrop. Okay, what you don't want to do is you get too much polish at the tip or if it's not a ball of polish at the tip, and it's like this, it won't be like a tear shape. Or that one would be--but something like this, like you'll just--that's a tear shape. WOMAN: Too thick. SUE: Yeah. But you-- WOMAN: Get one to draw. SUE: Yeah. I guess you wouldn't want it too thick. It will take a longer time to dry.