When I immediately take a tie for spotting, I try to check the fabric on it, because that makes a difference in spotting. If it is a polyester it gets spotted one way, if it is silk, we do it a different way. I notice this one is a designer silk, and since it has no other indication of what it is on it, I made a determination that it is a silk garment. Now I then have to look and see, do I think it's a combination stain, is it a blood stain, or did they have breakfast and is it egg or other protein. If it was a protein stain, I would use this. Now, I also have another, if it's lipstick and I guess if a lovely lady walked up and she was short and he was taller than her, but if I have a lipstick and other dry-side stains, I would use this. I don't use this a great deal, I use the blood and protein stains and the combination stain one a lot more. I would then put that on here, do it again, and do a little spotting and see if it comes. Now say this stain doesn't come out, I then have to use another thing, and I would probably blot it off, because I keep something to blot much of the time, blot it off and try the other combination stain.