It's time now for the Vault of Strange Hollywood Deaths. Let?s open the vault and see what we have here. Oh, Gloria Dixon. She was born in nineteen sixteen. The actress was in "They Won't Forget", her first film in nineteen thirty-seven with Claude Rains, did an excellent job. Made a number of other films including nineteen forty-three?s ?The Crime Doctors Strangest Case" starring Warner Baxter. Now in that she played the wife of a man who kept dropping lighted cigarettes and causing fires played by the actor Jerome Cowell. Now fast forward to two years later, Hollywood nineteen forty-five and Gloria Dixon at the age of twenty -nine dies in a house fire. And you guessed it, caused by a lighted cigarette. Was that a premonition in that film? A precognitive happening? Just possible. Let?s see if we have another one here. Martha Mansfield, not well known to people today, but she was a silent screen star in nineteen-twenty. She costarred with John Barrymore in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". Fast forward to nineteen twenty-three, she's starring in "The Warrens of Virginia" being shot in San Antonio, Texas. During a break from a scene she is walking along wearing the hoop skirt when a crewman carelessly flicked a lighted match in her direction. The hoop skirt caught on fire and this actress tragically was burned to death like Gloria Dixon would be in the future. Two tragic Hollywood deaths from the Vault of Strange Hollywood Deaths for your consideration.