And we have worked on our sky now using aquarelle pencil and now we're going into the water that we've used. We've used a little blue than the sky so I'm going to go on here still using my big brush I'm going to get the horizon line here and this brush has such a fine point on it that I can go around my sails without any problems without so ever. Remember that we're leaving the white of the paper as the sails as I mentioned in the last segment you can kind of scrub the paper with aquarelle but you can not do in watercolor so that you can get rid of the pencil mark. One of the nice things about aquarelle that makes for interesting painting is to have both the pencil marks and the water showing it gives a nice texture to your painting. So now I have completed and almost completed the horizon line on my painting of the water and I'm going down and finishing the rest of the water under the boat. As I'm working with the water under the boat I'm going to leave some little white areas, if I don't leave them I'm going to maybe take my handy Kleenex and just streak so that's there some white area's looking like water and shadow under the boat. Going in here under this boat once again I will take my Kleenex and I'll add some streaks for water and shadow's under the boat, stay tune for the next segment when we do the background.