Anytime you can be out in the woods is a good time but if you are limited to time it is good to understand when the deer activity and wildlife activity is at its peak. One of the keys for this is moon phases; full moon, quarter moon, new moon. Every single day there are majors and minors in which the majors is the most wildlife activity and consequently the most deer activity and feeding and then the minors which is other peaks compared to normal. During mating season deer are active all day but still along these peaks you tend to see more deer than normal. So for instance on a full moon for instance the peaks typically happen around midnight and noon so it's great to be out in the morning but that's not necessarily the peak times for hunting times. If you can schedule your hunts looking at these moon phases which are available at different internet sites or different newspapers carry the various tables on when the majors and minors occur you can maximize your deer hunting experience.