Now we're going to show you a great exercise for your legs and your butt. These are called step ups. Naturally you can do them anywhere you have a step. If you are in your house you have a nice small step. If you want a challenge then get a chair out. Just make sure you use a piece of furniture that does not fall when you step up on it. What you are going to want to do is keep your torso straight up and down and just like it says step up. Amy is going to show you right now. She is stepping up and stepping back down. You want to lead with the same foot with the amount of repetitions that you do. I recommend that you work up to doing 30 repetitions on each side. For example Amy is going to step up with her right foot 30 times and then she is going to step up with her left foot 30 times. That might be a challenge so start out with any amount of repetitions that works for you. It might be 3 on the right side and 3 on the left side. Then if this becomes too easy for you hold something in your hand. The more weight you hold the harder the exercise becomes. Once again this is a great exercise, you can do it any place and any where. The only thing is if this bothers your knees or your lower back then it is the wrong exercise for you. Otherwise, put this in and your legs are going to be looking good.