Now I'm going to talk about egg roll or spring roll wrappers. They come packaged flat like this. They have to be refrigerated because they're perishable, or you can freeze them and then thaw them. They're thin and they're a little bit floury. They're made with flour, egg, and oil. They're just like a little cloth. You can not let them sit out or they'll dry up. Then when you go to roll them, which is what you'll always want to be doing with them, they'll crack. This is a little big. This is more of an egg roll size, and I want it to be more of a spring roll size, so I'm going to trim them like this. I'm only going to trim a few at a time. You still want them to be square. Only a few at a time because they have to remain covered. They're pretty easy to work with. We're going to hold it like that, put our filling in, and roll it. I'll show you how to do that in the next clip. Then you're going to brush it with a little water to seal the edges. When we come back, we're going to roll our pork and shrimp spring rolls.