Hi, I am Drew Fendy here today to demonstrate how to install a jack for your telephone. We strip off the new wire that we are going to connect to; you remember already that we use the same color code; the red and the green keep it consistent throughout. Bend all of the wires back and we will strip these guys. I will show you how to do it, we unscrew the green and we have got the two green wires, the old one and the new one, and what I like to do is twist them together so they are twisted as one. And then they are going to be easier to get underneath the screw. We take the needle nose pliers, we twist it around again and make a loop that way by twisting them together we get a really good connection. Now all that we have to do is bring them over, put them underneath the two washers, and put them in there now. Good. And then we tighten it down and make sure that we have compression, sometimes they will slip out and we have got to make sure that they are in underneath and we do the same for the red and we are all set to reinsert the cover into the wall and be ready to go. So this can slice into an existing receptacle, we have got two wires in there, feed them down in and we can screw the cover back on.