Hi this is Ashlee from Pet Planet in Riverton, Utah. Today I am here to show you how to clean your gravel rocks in your aquarium tanks. One way to do it is you want to buy like a gravel cleaner, which works the best. You can actually find it at your local pet stores, as well as you can also try if you are completely cleaning out your aquarium tank you can just rinse them under a strainer with some water. Never use bleach or any kind of chemical to clean your rocks, as it can be harmful to the fish. And the one thing I can do is I can demonstrate to you how to use a gravel cleaner. This is our basic gravel cleaner for our store. This is what you would be buying in a pet store or any other store that carries fish aquarium products. The best way to do it is you just want to basically stick the gravel under the water and fill it all the way up, make sure your hose is reaching your bucket so you do not spill it all over your floor. And then as you have the gravel cleaner under the water you just want to pump it, it's an automatic pump. You do not have to suck the tube. And as it comes out you just want to push down on the gravel, and it does collect all the debris from the rocks, as well as the fish.