Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to clean a silk lampshade. Silk lampshades are not as delicate as you would think. And they don't need to be cleaned that often. But when you do clean them, this is how you do it. You're going to fill your tub with warm water, not hot and not cold, just warm, something comfortable, and you want to fill it up enough to where you can submerge the lampshade completely in the water. You want to add either flakes, like this, of ivory soap to the water while it's running. Or, use a liquid ivory soap, or you can use Woolite. You want to dedicate an afternoon to this, or at least a couple of hours, because you're going to be repeating this process several times until the lampshade is clean, I'll show you why. You're going to dip the lampshade down into the water, and you want to keep doing this. This is for demonstration purposes, obviously, but you want to make sure that the lampshade is completely submerged. Just keep dipping it in the water, and you'll see the water start to get dirty. Once the water gets dirty enough, and I would say once it goes from a nice clear or white color to more of a tan or brown color, you want to drain the water out and fill it up again with your ivory soap. Well, with your ivory soap and water. Of course. You want to repeat this process. Keep emptying the water, make sure you're using clean water, keep dipping the lampshade, you will see the silk start to look like it's coming stretched out. Don't worry about this, because it will go back to its original shape when it dries. After you've done this several times, and your lampshade is clean, you can dry it with a hair dryer, or you can set it outside. just don't set it in direct sunlight because you don't want it to fade. And remember, the stretched out part of the material is going to go back to its original shape. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you clean a silk lampshade.