15 Products that will change your life! (And you didn't even know they existed)


Easy solutions for everyday problems: that's the aim of these products' designs. Going to the beach without bringing a bag full of sand back home, having a drink while taking a bath and creating a digital copy of your highlights in books are already possible ... and you didn't even know it!


That's why we gathered this list of objects that will make your life easier in a matter of seconds!


This one's for those special people with enough willpower not to finish an entire bag of chips in one sitting: a hot clip to seal the bag up again and keep your favourite snacks crispy!



Want to have a glass of wine in the bathtub but don't have anywhere to put it? This handy design will hold it for you!



Having a hard time quitting? This box will help you! Once you put your packs in there, it will only open after an always increasing period of time. You'll stop all together before you even notice!



This high-tech spice rack will give you only the amount of spice you need according to the recipe you are preparing.



This thermometer that takes your temperature and sends it to your mobile phone and, according to that, provides tips on how to deal with it.



A spray to use only as much lemon juice as you need, while keeping the rest fresh in its original packaging!



Want to read outside in the sun but it's too windy? This book holder will keep your pages right where they should be!



Going to the beach is always fun. What isn't as much fun is bringing the beach back with you in your bags! This one has a mesh bottom that lets grains of sand through, while keeping your stuff safely inside. Isn't that clever?



There are few things more uncomfortable than carrying many bags in one hand. This practical carabiner with a padded handle will let you carry lots of them so comfortably, you'll wonder why you didn't get it sooner!



Having trouble holding on to your nails when hammering? This magnetised wristband will stick to them for you!



A shovel that, in addition to gathering the dirt from your broom, cleans its bristles.



Are you into picnics? Maybe camping? This portable contraption will make all of that so much more fun! It's a fridge that can keep your beverages cool, but it can also charge your cell phone and has speakers to play music through!



If cutting cakes is not really your thing, get this mould! You can bake each piece separately and it'll make serving them at your next birthday party so much easier.



This is such a genius idea for gift wrapping: scissors with an included tape dispenser!



Are you a student? Then this one's designed especially for you: a highlighter that, in addition to colouring the text, scans it and uploads it to your computer!